Shah Rukh Khan Photos

As promised, here are my grandmother's pics of SRK (and some other people) from 2014! I believe the first four were taken outside of Chicago and the last one in Houston. The event was a promotional tour for an upcoming movie at the time, "Happy New Year". Enjoy! The last one is a personal favorite... Continue Reading →

Chapter 23: Hindus in America

Add a comment, question, or intriguing quote below. (Also: you're welcome to share any videos, websites, or other content from the web that might be relevant to our discussion of this chapter.)  

Chapter 20: Hinduism Under the Mughals

How exactly did Hinduism change under the Mughals? This question may be somewhat of a misnomer considering that there are various different manifestations of Hinduism depending on where or who you ask. Regardless, the presence of the Mughal rule from roughly 1500 to 1700 BCE, and the subsequent pushback or adherence to the regime led... Continue Reading →

Chapter 15: Tantric Puranas and the Tantras

By: Tanner   SUMMARY: How to define Hindu Tantra? Sometimes it’s defined in terms of theology, sometimes social attitudes, sometimes rituals. Doniger is going to lay out a whole lot of mythological history before she actually describes it. Let’s dive in. LETS START WITH HARSHA! So, this guy named Harsha started a kingdom in between... Continue Reading →

Sikhism in America

If you'd like to earn some extra credit, watch the May 6 episode of CNN's United Shades of America, which will focus on Sikhism and Sikhs in America. Add a comment, question, or other insight about the show here, and we can discuss it in class next week.

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