Sikhism in America

If you'd like to earn some extra credit, watch the May 6 episode of CNN's United Shades of America, which will focus on Sikhism and Sikhs in America. Add a comment, question, or other insight about the show here, and we can discuss it in class next week.


Chapter 14

In  this chapter Doniger starts off by introducing us to the Age of Gold and the Guptas. She continues with some historical background what was going on during the time and references to the Gupta style and it’s Imperialistic mark. Supposedly someone invented chess in India at this time. After couple of pages Doniger starts with... Continue Reading →

Chapter-13 Bhakti in South India

Summary: In this chapter, Doniger introduces Bhakti in many different forms and with a focus in South India. The chapter starts off by mentioning how until the development of the intertextual tradition centered in North India could be traced one by one but now it starts to evaporate with the growing trade between north and south and... Continue Reading →

Chapter 11: Dharma In The Mahabharata

By David Summary          In the eleventh chapter, Doniger introduces two major challenges shattered the authority of Hindu traditions, which the idea of dharma is a significant idea in Hinduisms being challenged, that occurred during 300 BCE to 300 CE (Doniger 277); the two problems are listed as following: firstly, dharma cannot deal with the... Continue Reading →

Chapter 9- Women and Ogresses in the Ramayana

Tess Summary: Doniger delves into a new epic and new empire in chapter nine, analyzing the interconnectedness between women, animals, sexuality, dharma, politics, and ogres within the Ramayana. As North India further develops between 400 BCE and 200 CE, new distributions of labor give rise to new economic and political classes resulting in tension among... Continue Reading →

Chapter 7: Renunciation in the Upanishads

By Burton Summary: Doniger begins with some background on social history in the era before these scriptures were compiled.  She notes that circa 800 to 500 BCE, the eastern Ganges Valley was home to a number of states, some of them oligarchical republics governed by coalitions of Kshatriya clans (165).  Doniger speculates that the weakening... Continue Reading →

Chapter 4 – Between the Ruins and the Text

Blog post by: Hari Summary:             Chapter four principally concerns itself with addressing one overarching question; where were the people who composed the Vedas before they composed the Vedas? (p. 89). Doniger begins the chapter with an excerpt from the Kurma Purana, which details the creation of two gods, Vishnu and Brahma. This creation appears... Continue Reading →

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