Chapter 5: Humans, Animals, and Gods in the Rig Veda

by Amy Summary: In Chapter Five of The Hindus, Doniger explores the Vedas and the people living at the time of their creation.  She begins with the story of the oral transmission of the Rig Veda.  For a long time the Veda was not allowed to be written down, but was taught by upper-caste fathers to their... Continue Reading →


Chapter 3: Civilization in the Indus Valley: 50,000 to 1500 BCE

By Will Summary:                     In her third chapter, Doniger discusses the difficulties of interpreting the mysterious civilization that dominated the Indus Valley and measuring its impact on later Indian societies. The two biggest challenges are “deciphering pictures for which we do not know the words, and trying to decide what, if anything, of the IVC survives... Continue Reading →

Reactions to The Hindus

Wendy Doniger's The Hindus: An Alternative History is a controversial book. Since its release in 2009, it has been praised, criticized, and debated. It was even the subject of a court case, resulting in the book's banning, destruction, and subsequent republication. In the comments,* please post a link to one unique source that discusses The Hindus and its... Continue Reading →

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